There are many reasons to become a member of SFA Chapter 68

President:  Tom Workman
Vice President:  Capt. Bob Luther
Treasurer: Bob Bragg
Secretary: Bill "Bull" Durham

SFA Chapter 68 is part of a 501 c (19), tax exempt, fraternal organization (85 chapters worldwide) of Brothers who served in Special Forces. Our focus for membership is on both former and current members of Special Forces. Our mission is to support and promote the Special Forces community. For our chapter mission statement, go to: There are many reasons to become a member of the SFA. Primarily because it is one of the most exclusive organizations in the country. Think about it,…our eligibility requirements exclude 99.9% of the population. The camaraderie and esprit de corps are unparalleled in Special Forces. You've achieved that eligibility thru tremendous effort. Although there are some who think that our Chapter members are all retired “old timers”,…consider that our members include the Adjutant General of West Virginia and the Commander of 2/19 SFG(A) as well as many young soldiers who have just graduated from the “Q” course. Nationally, the SF Association membership includes legends from the Special Forces community; MOH recipients; and others whom books and movies have been written about. With Special Forces leading the way for the last 10 years on the War on Terror, we have legends of our own in our midst. Membership in an organization like ours can only be a good thing! To be eligible for General Membership, one must be Special Forces qualified. To be eligible for Associate Membership, one must have been assigned to a Special Forces unit for 2 years or have served in a combat zone with SF for at least six months. Applications with eligibility and mailing instructions are on our web site at: If you need help getting your records, we can assist you. Our contact information is on the web site. Membership dues are $40 initially and $30 yearly for renewal ($35 if you let it expire). I think that is reasonable, considering membership includes the SFA quarterly magazine “THE DROP”. This is a quality magazine that keeps us up to date on Special Forces activities around the world, to include our Chapter. Make sure you put down SFA Chapter 68 on the application. Our Chapter will get a portion of the yearly dues! Help us become an even stronger organization and support the Special Forces community. De Oppresso Liber! Tom Workman President, SFA Chapter 68 “The Green Berets”