“Per capita, West Virginians served the most and died the most in Vietnam. It lives on as America’s most controversial war- with questions unanswered, lessons not learned, and for veterans who survive, including thousands of West Virginians, haunting memories remain” (WVPB). Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s new work The Vietnam War premieres September 17th at 8pm on West Virginia Public Broadcasting Channel. A companion documentary featuring the experiences of 5 West Virginia co...mbat veterans will premiere September 14 at 8pm entitled Vietnam: West Virginians Remember. The West Virginia documentary will air an hour before the Ken Burns premiere should you want to have a public viewing of both at your library. Encore Broadcasts for the West Virginia documentary are September 17 and 24th at 7pm. For more information refer to the WVPB site at There are clips, a photo gallery, and a link to the Vietnam Archive Project for all to share and preserve Vietnam War-related materials.