2017 SFA Chapter 68 Scholarship Recipients

Arin Custer
Gunnar Stanford
Wesley Whelan

SFA Chapter 68 is proud to announce the recipients of this years’ scholarships.   They are Gunnar Stanford, Wesley Whelan, Arin Custer and Kathryn Watts.  Each will receive a $500 scholarship from Chapter 68.

Gunnar is the son of Todd Stanford and will be attending West Virginia University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering.  Wesley is the son of SGM Jerry Whelan and will be attending the Minerva School of Keck Graduate Institute in San Francisco.  Arin is the granddaughter of Bill Custer and will be attending Frostburg State University.  Kathryn (Not shown) is the daughter of Larry Carrico and will be completing her last year at St Mary's School of Nursing.

Congratulations, Gunnar, Wesley, Arin and Kathryn for your achievements to date and we wish you the best for a prosperous and successful future.


De Oppresso Liber!

Tom Workman


SFA Chapter 68 "The Green Berets"