Gold Star Event

We are again encouraging our Chapter members to make a donation to support this years Gold Star event to be held at Camp Dawson 23-25 September.  Chapter 68 continues to pledge $1000 for this event each year.      

    SSG Gene Vance deployed with us to Afghanistan in 2002 as a Voice/Signal intercept SGT on a SOT-A from our MI detachment.  He was attached to a 3rd Group ODA when he was killed in an ambush.  In addition to SSG Vance's family, this event will honor dozens of other families of service members killed-in-action with ties to WV.

    This event is funded through donations and sponsorships to alleviate expenses to the families.   Chapter 68 President CSM (RET) Kevin Harry and I have pledged $25 apiece as a challenge to our membership to help reach our SFA goal of $1000.  Please help us show our continued commitment to SSG Vance's family and our military community by making a donation thru Chapter 68 for this worthy event.   Hopefully, we will exceed our $1000 pledge.

    You can make a pledge by responding to this e-mail (we trust you) and/or sending your check to: SFA Chapter 68 (Gold Star), PO Box 207, Gallipolis, OH 45631.  Our SFA Treasurer will collect the money and send a SFA check to the Gold Star coordinator for sponsorship.

    Thank you for your continued support in all our SFA  efforts.

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Tom Workman


SFA Chapter 68 "The Green Berets"