Ralph Jennings

From: "St.Clair" <pmstclair@comcast.net>
Date:03/31/2015 10:00 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: VSS Shooting Weekend 25/26 April 2015 & Ralphie Tribute



I am tired of winter and am looking forward to our first weekend of the 2015 shooting season on 25/26 April 2015.  Erik has green lighted another season for us.  Our first weekend is dedicated to our recently departed SF brother, Ralph Jennings.  Ralph thoroughly enjoyed his time on the range at Erik's; especially last year, knowing it was probably the last year of his life.  We will have a range site tribute at 1600 on the 25th.  This will replace the grave side tribute we traditionally give our departed Special Forces Brethren. Ralph's wife honored his request not to announce his passing or have a funeral or memorial service for him.  Just Ralph's way of saying "up yours buck-o".  This is my way of saying to Ralph "up your ass, pal".  I spoke to Patty today and told her we would honor Ralph on the 25th.  She is comfortable with it.  Then at 1800 at the lodge, we have a formal tribute and steak cookout to honor him.  We will invite Patty, his daughters, grand kids and his brothers to attend this part of the festivities.

Also if some one in the SF Community could forward this to Joe Willie, R.J., Mason, Tom Davis, and any other long lost SF brother, I'd appreciate it.  



For those attending, RSVP NLT COB 22 April 2015.


The New Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) is attached all attendees must know them chapter and verse.  They have been rewritten top to bottom.


Hope to see you on the 25th.